Saturday, February 27, 2021

El Paso's Chapin Huskies 2021

This is what stamping your hard earned ticket into the Sweet 16 looks like…

Shout out to the Chapin Student Media click here…El Paso, stand up for The North!!

Stay tuned in as your El Paso Chapin Huskies make their way to the Sweet 16 visit

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Isaiah Rhyanes #54

Big Man 54 aka Juice!
'Story of a Kid with a Dream to Play Hoop'

It was just yesterday is no way to tell it or remember it. We knew how long this took. The early mornings. The goal to just play city. All the folks asking if you hoop only to meet a man with a golden soul that was able to crack the door open for a one in a who knows how many opportunity. It’s best told in pieces and we love this piece by The Prospector on our baby bro Isaiah Rhyanes and a profile in perseverance.

You can read the full article by Michael Cuviello in the Prospector here: click here

You can catch up with Coach Zooey and his e1p activities at the following Instagram accounts:

Chef Zoo @every1eats915

Coach Zooey @every1trains

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Experience Fit Hop

Fit Hop

Experience Fit Hop! The soundscape for Hip Hop, health & fitness. The 10th Element of Hip Hop...Health & Wellness. For more information see below. Music for the pregame, for the halftimes, for the rink walk, for the triumph!

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