Sunday, April 27, 2014

Circuit Training w/ Pops aka King Kong - The Workout 2014

Circuit Training w/ Pops

BBZoo has been circuit training with my pops for a couple of months now.  Between a constant work schedule, I haven't been able to make one of their workouts.  Or sometimes my brother and I will spend an afternoon on the weekend at the Stout Gym to utilize the space and equipment there.  This Sunday though between NBA Playoff games my pops set the garage for the circuit training program that got us all involved... me & my youngest brother guided by pops (our bro and young nephew/niece would show up later but next time the goal is to have us all together to get it in).  It was a great time to take in some knowledge from our father (we call him King Kong), to share, and to encourage one another.  One of the best workouts I've had in a long while.  

Next time though we need to work on that music.  Cause the city radio just isn't cutting it.  Below is an album that's long overdue as a recommendation here on the RBros blog... it's from one of the greatest records ever put out, The Workout album.  I highly recommend it and am currently looking forward to what I heard was going to be a volume 2.  I included the covers below along with one of my favorite tracks on the album, ((Let It Burn)).  The track ((Bruce Lee)) was included on the Lee Jun Fan Tape that I put out last year.

This post is to encourage families (including our own) to either begin or continue to workout together and to exercise a healthy lifestyle that's free of alcohol, free of tobacco (and all drugs), and that exercises improved eating habits (that one is easier said than done, I know) where there are more family dinners, more healthy choices, etc. 

Let's get that work out in!

In our 'Hard Work &  Dedication' links you'll find the RBG Fit Club website which you can visit at  Includes cool merchandise including gym bags, music, literature, clothing, and more.  Check it out!

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RBROS AudiO ((Son of Yvonne)) - MA Doom

Masta Ace / meets / MF Doom
((Son of Yvonne))

I love this track.  Props to one of my all time favorite MCs, Masta Ace, representin' for Hip Hop mothers.  In the spirit of Pac, The Last Emperor, and past time legends like Earth, Wind & Fire who had the courage to get on the mic and represent for the lives that brought us in this world.  We need more of these tracks.  This is one of me and my youngest brother, BBZoo's favorite instrumentals from MF Doom... its been one of my favorite for well over a decade, but its like listening to it all over again with Ace's composition. 

We're going to start loading up some of our favorite tracks at the 81' Til Infinity Hip Hop channel on the RBros YouTube page, check it out: click here

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Currently, one of my favorite dictionary resources for learning about new words and learning new things about words I thought I knew all about.  Login, register, and bookmark!

Border Book Festival 2014

Border Book Festival 2014

International Children's Digital Library (ICDL)

International Children's Digital Library

An online resource to keep up with the latest in children's literature from around the world.  "The ICDL Foundation's goal is to build a collection of books that represents outstanding historical and contemporary books from throughout the world.  Ultimately, the Foundation aspires to have every culture and language represented so that every child can know and appreciate the riches of children's literature from the world community."

Saturday, April 19, 2014

From the Segundo Barrio to the Hall of Fame, Nolan Richardson

From the Segundo Barrio to the Hall of Fame

Growing up in El Paso, Texas my younger brothers and I were all in some way connected to the name, Nolan Richardson.  One of my first basketball camps when my father was stationed overseas was set up by Rus Bradburd and Coach Don Haskins.  I was still in grade school when I joined the week long camp which consisted of free meals at the Fort Bliss mess hall, an afternoon of swimming under the hot El Paso sun, and a chance for those that were good enough to show off in front of parents on the closing day of activities.  Years later Rus would go on to write Forty Minutes of Hell, the Extraordinary Life of Nolan Richardson.  

In the highlight tape that I made of my younger brother Josh during his high school years we conclude the video which is posted on YouTube with an old clip we were given from a family friend at a Nolan Richardson basketball camp filmed around 94' at Bowie High School.  Towards the end of the video Coach Richardson is walking with  my brother Josh down the court, then five years old. Richardson is seen encouraging him, and patting him on the head.  At this point I was just starting my first year of high school and was also present at the camp.  Years later my brother and his team led by Coach Arzola would go on to win district, I believe in 2002 and 2003 at Nolan Richardson Middle School, which opened its doors in El Paso in 1998.  

My youngest brother Isaiah's first year of middle school was spent at Nolan Richardson until the district decided to throw the special education program out into H.E. Charles Middle School.  It was my brother's first year playing basketball in the city, before trying out and playing with H.E. Charles Middle during his 7th & 8th grade years.  Had my brother had the chance to stick around Nolan Middle, he could've been a part of yet another district win at Nolan Richardson.  Today, our brother Joshua's name is up on the district banners at Nolan Richardson from the years 02' and 03'.

On August 7th-9th this year, 2014, Nolan Richardson will join several other Hall of Famers for the Enshrinement Ceremonies.  I hope its televised to watch Coach Richardson make history, yet again.  Until that time, I highly recommend that you read Forty Minutes of Hell by Rus Bradburd, if you haven't already... it's a powerful story of El Paso's own, Nolan Richardson.  

Below I've included a recording I took when Coach Richardson visited the University of Texas at El Paso during Black History Month in 2010.  Before walking in to be seated I also got the chance to take a shot of the huge Triple Crown ring that decorated his left hand (included below).  Much respect and congratulations to Nolan Richardson... a life full of struggle, hard work, and will that I'm glad will be recognized at the level of such an honor like the basketball hall of fame.  It's about time.

Reading on the Stoop, The Boy Who Grew Up to Become Malcolm X

Reading on the Stoop
Malcolm Little, The Boy Who Grew Up
to Become Malcolm X
by Ilyasah Shabazz
Illustrated by AG Ford

Young E turned eight years old this month and on his b-day, after the cookout, eats, gifts, cake, & running around we got the chance to settle down with some popsicles to read one of the newest children's books from Ilyasah Shabazz.  Ilyasah is one of Malcolm X's daughters and she wrote a book that focuses on the childhood of Malcolm, his family, and many lessons from his upbringing.  We were joined by Young E's cousin, Savanah, and read the whole book with all three uncles present (RBros) including a few of Young E's great uncles who were hanging out in the background.  

From the text, one of my favorite moments is where Ilyasah writes about Malcolm's mother, Louise Little, and the family garden... "...Louise taught her children to love every living creature equally - large or small, pretty or ugly, busy or still, fast or slow, insect or plant.  The garden was a testament to true and unconditional brotherhood from the earth on up to the sky, a daily lesson in acceptance and equality.  Each living creature had a story, a purpose, a reason for being, and a beauty of its own.  Through the majestic trees in the garden, Malcolm would also learn about the importance of roots: nature's anchors, the base of every living creature; and through the outspread wings of the chirping birds above, he began to see the power of possibility.

... And so this special garden became a source of knowledge, a Little family sanctuary where lessons came each day like tiny droplets of sweet morning dew."

The artwork by AG Ford are powerful scenes throughout the book, capturing the tone of Ilyasah's words, both of whom do a wonderful job introducing Malcolm X through his childhood to a whole new audience of young readers.  It's a first step towards learning about a life that lives in literature, study, research, & a lifetime worth understanding.
I also learned that Malcolm's favorite vegetables to grow were peas.