Friday, November 24, 2017

Orange & White

Orange and White Scrimmage 2017

Hoop Clips Pt. 1

A big fan of my brothers when they hit the court. This one is one out the archive. I'm reminded of all the footage I need to go through and share. Look forward to the Winter holidays to dig into my files for some more Hoop Clips of the RBros!

Hoop Clips Pt. 1 feat. Joshua Rhyanes click here

Tonight we premiered Hoop Clips Pt. 1 with the family of Joshua’s time out in the city for the local men’s leagues.  Had a great time editing the clips as its been a minute since I’ve put together a highlight tape.  Found the beats which we included in the credits at the end.  Hope ya’ll enjoy as much as we did.  We enjoy watching Josh play his game and we look forward to the next series of tapes of some clips we pulled from Isaiah’s time on the court with the Golden Eagles these past few years and also E-Man who’s on the come up himself.

If you can’t view the video embedded above, here is the direct link click here.

We’ve also got several other videos including Joshua’s AHS highlights tape of his time in high school at Andress and some clips from Barrio basketball out here in El Paso present day.  You can view them at the channel link above.


The Scar by Jeff Green

Read this! The Scar by Jeff Green click here

Got a lot of great basketball memories of Jeff Green’s come back. Despite the changes the Celtics experienced at the time, Jeff Green was out there playing to win and competing to defeat all odds.  So many highlights where I was getting way hype for the Iron Man.  He took full advantage of the blessing he had to hit the court again and I can’t wait to continue watching Green compete in the East with the King and company.

He’ll always be the NBA’s Iron Man and is one of my all time favorite Celtics. So many lessons to take away from this reflection published in the Player’s Tribune.

No doubt!