Saturday, November 27, 2021

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles

Here’s hoping for continued success in the NFC East! #FlyEaglesFly!

Our link of the week right here dedicated to Jalen Hurts click here

Sending a shout out to Gianluca aka The Serpent aka King Luca of our Cobra Chess Club for bringing this gift home after visiting Philly to check out his favorite quarterback Tom Brady. The featured photograph is from where he was at the Lincoln Financial Field. Had to laminate this work of art promoting the game. Check!

Hoop Dreams 2021

Hoop Dreams 2021

A shot of a few members of the Hoop Dreams squad at the House of Hoopz this Fall.

Shout out to Coach Joshy and the squad!

We see you Lil’ Liz.

Friday, October 15, 2021

The Kaepernick Effect

The Kaepernick Effect
Taking a Knee, Changing the World
by Dave Zirin

Our read for the weeks ahead. The Kaepernick Effect, Taking a Knee, Changing the World.

Check for it and pass the word.

To learn more about the book here are some interviews and discussions I’ve been tuned in to…

Hard Knock Radio Conversation with Davey D

What is The Kaepernick Effect? A Conversation with Eddie Glaude

Other resources connected to this text:

Serve Your City

Will update as we come across other resources! Shout out to the Edge of Sports and everyone connected to the stories featured in this text. Alright, we’re reading…

El Paso Giving Day

El Paso Giving Day
Basketball in the Barrio
October 21st, 2021

This year’s El Paso Giving Day will be held on October 21st, 2021.

To give, please check in on the 21st of October and donate at the link below.

More information on the three decade history of Basketball in the Barrio at the link!

Mark your calendars folks! Thank you…

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Brooklyn Saints Documentary

 We Are the Brooklyn Saints
e1pTheatre Documentary

A great movie about the impact of coaches in the community and how it brings family together. Loved this documentary. Encourage everybody to check it out and to show love to coaches in your community that are brining up the next generation of athletes and scholars. There are a lot of threads here to sports culture in New York, the challenges of coaching for community, building up self esteem, creating opportunities early for kids, creating safety nets through sports from the perils of U.S. society, and thinking about the impact when city groups don’t support children’s connection to outlets like sports. There’s a powerful connection to coaches as mentors, inspirations, teachers, guides, etc. presented in this documentary.

The beginning was real powerful thinking about what Brooklyn Saints Co-Founder Coach Shon said…”We used what they call P-A-L. Police Athletic Leagues. NO MORE! They used to leave the schools open for activities. All of those programs are cut. This is where we step in.”

Coach Puma adds, “We just try to put you in position where you can better yourself in life. It don’t have to be with sports. Doctor, a lawyer, it could be any one of those things. As log as we get you a free education, we did our job.”

Support this film right here, support your local athletic programs and push folks that are in a position to fund or cut to make more programming a priority for children in your community. Especially in spaces where money determines who plays. Much love to the Brooklyn Saints.

You can follow the Brooklyn Saints on Twitter @BrooklynSaints8

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Friday, March 19, 2021

El Barrio Sports Club

Here's a throwback #e1pWWW post from June 2015. For the first time #e1pStory shares the audio conversation with Coach Cruz that went down that day. I've also included a few photographs below. More are available at the Twitter and Facebook links below. Shout out to our Segundo Barrio families and the El Barrio Sports Club which is coming up on its 50 year anniversary.

Introducing El Barrio Sports Club in El Paso, Texas Cruz Morales, Jr. post web Archive June 28, 2015

Introducing Cruz Morales, Jr... born and raised in El Paso's South side, and Class of 88' Bowie Bear Alumni by way of Beall Elementary and Guillen Middle... he is also a proud Gulf War Veteran of the Air Force.  For the past 15 years, Cruz has been facilitating sporting events, including basketball tournaments on the corner of Raynor and Findley for children, youth, and adults.

Playoffs for the El Barrio men's basketball league are underway through June as fourteen teams compete to try and make it to the finals. Over the past couple years, my younger brothers have been participating in the adult men's b-ball league.

We got the chance to talk to Cruz about the sports club and its history.  For Cruz it goes back to the gang rivalries that disconnected youth from each other and the community.  Living in a historically under served and low-income area only added to the struggles of gang involved youth reconnecting to something positive in the community. This motivated Cruz, who understood their circumstances and today is the director for the El Barrio Sports Club.  For Cruz being able to bridge the gap through sports amongst a generation of kids who's parents were once gang rivals, is what Cruz is most proud of.  With support from city representatives such as Courtney Niland and neighborhood collaboration, the El Barrio Sports Club is about creating affordable and accessible opportunities for children, youth, and adults to play, compete, and connect with each other in a family friendly environment.

And it's not only basketball.  Cruz helps coordinate volleyball tournaments (currently planning for September) and soccer for both males and females, children to adults.  For more information you can email Cruz Morales, Jr. or call at (915) 858-1915 ext. 69132.

Got a few more photographs that we'll share on social media soon, check out and



Photograph and write up by Lee Rhyanes*

Saturday, February 27, 2021

El Paso's Chapin Huskies 2021

This is what stamping your hard earned ticket into the Sweet 16 looks like…

Shout out to the Chapin Student Media click here…El Paso, stand up for The North!!

Stay tuned in as your El Paso Chapin Huskies make their way to the Sweet 16 visit

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Isaiah Rhyanes #54

Big Man 54 aka Juice!
'Story of a Kid with a Dream to Play Hoop'

It was just yesterday is no way to tell it or remember it. We knew how long this took. The early mornings. The goal to just play city. All the folks asking if you hoop only to meet a man with a golden soul that was able to crack the door open for a one in a who knows how many opportunity. It’s best told in pieces and we love this piece by The Prospector on our baby bro Isaiah Rhyanes and a profile in perseverance.

You can read the full article by Michael Cuviello in the Prospector here: click here

You can catch up with Coach Zooey and his e1p activities at the following Instagram accounts:

Chef Zoo @every1eats915

Coach Zooey @every1trains

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Experience Fit Hop

Fit Hop

Experience Fit Hop! The soundscape for Hip Hop, health & fitness. The 10th Element of Hip Hop...Health & Wellness. For more information see below. Music for the pregame, for the halftimes, for the rink walk, for the triumph!

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Saturday, January 2, 2021

For Team Mamba

 For Team Mamba

Dedicated Kobe Bryant, Mambacita Gianna Bryant and those that passed on January 26, 2020. To Payton Chester, Sarah Chester, Alyssa Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, John Altobelli, Christina Mauser, & Ara Zobayan. The Hoop world’s heart broke into pieces in 2020.

This article right here is how we’ll remember the squad. Sending our condolences to all the families effected and the lives that had to move on spirit in 2020. We won’t ever forget you. The impact Kobe had on Isaiah, our youngest bro is a long story we’ll have to reflect on over the course of our lives.

“Kobe Bryant is busy with his business. Busy with his books. Busy with his little Mambas.”

Mamba 101: Welcome to Kobe Bryant’s Next Chapter: click here

Thank you Tzvi Twersky for the article and Atiba Jefferson for the photography.

Thank you Slam. RIP to members of Team Mamba.

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