Saturday, March 22, 2014

NMSU Basketball Aggies 2014

NMSU Basketball Aggies 2014

Heck of a run this year and a great battle up against San Diego State.  Looking forward to the season to come and the return of Sim Bhullar alongside his younger brother, Tanveer.  I was real impressed with the entire roster this year especially the beat down we gave UTEP in Fall of 2013  Check out history being made in the Land of Enchantment on Sports Illustrated: click here

Playing with Music at Home

Playing with Music at Home
Article: click here

So important!

"Young children love to sing, make music, and move to the beat. They feel competent when they learn a new song, powerful when they pound a drum or shake a tambourine, and proud when they invent a new dance. As children explore and enjoy music, they can develop skills in math, literacy, and social studies. Teachers relate music to diverse subjects and your family can continue this learning at home."

Baylor Lady Bears + Kristina Higgins

Baylor Lady Bears
+El Paso's No. 44 Kristina Higgins

It's March Madness and while I hear a lot of people talking about the men's bracket let's not forget about what's sure to be a most competitive tournament this year with NCAA Women's basketball.  Especially as it pertains to the Baylor Lady Bears and El Paso's own Kristina Higgins!  She's getting some PT out there so be sure to set your calendars for Baylor's schedule.  They have an exciting squad this year led by Odyssey Sims and an impressive freshman year by rebound muscle Nina Davis.  And as fans from the Sun City we couldn't be prouder of Kristina Higgins and the successful transition she's made from Chapin High School to the top of collegiate hoops with Baylor.  

Andress High School Eagles 2014

Photograph from the El Paso Times
Article: click here

Just a shout out to the AHS Eagles this year for an exciting season that kept us all tuned in through the web as they traveled back and forth for tournament play.  The season ended in a match up with Amarillo who went on to face a Kimble squad that was ready for the state title.  AHS made history with the guidance of a solid coaching staff and a group of skilled athletes, many of whom I've been watching through city league teams since they were barely able to reach for the net! 

A salute to AHS basketball and the bar you all set for great teams representin' the Sun City.  We knew how great this team was all along.

Below is a shot from BB.Zoo and his travels with the squad this year heading to Midland.  Major props also to the AHS JV squad who secured the district title in El Paso's Division I.  MC Zoo had his best year yet.  We're real proud of our youngest brother and the hard work he's put in to get better.  We're all looking forward to this upcoming off season and his last year with Andress High School. 

WAB all day!  Since 94'.  Twenty years of AHS Hoops.

Time Hardaway

Tim Hardaway 1988 UTEP

Cool video on one of the crossover greats.  We couldn't afford those expensive basketball camps in the 90s once Hardaway hit pro, but fans were allowed to drop in a couple of times to meet the UTEP legend.  It was a great time, had my NBA Hoops rookie and Fleer All-Star cards with me.  I think the rule was we could only get one card signed.  I got back in line for another.  I think Tim got kinda pissed about that. 

Lebron James

Lebron James Draws Inspiration from
Bruce Lee, Mahatma Gandhi
Article: click here

This one is going out to BB.Josh.

Reading on the Stoop: Malcolm Little

Malcolm Little
The Boy Who Grew Up to Become Malcolm X

by Ilysah Shabazz & Ag Ford

Our next Reading on the Stoop day is going to focus on the text Malcolm Little, The Boy Who Grew Up to Become Malcolm X by Malcolm's daughter Ilysah Shabazz and Ag Ford.  

You can learn more about Ilysah Shabazz and Foundation X at and also Ag Ford's blogspot, includes many other book projects! at

Reading on the Stoop

Reading on the Stoop
Feat. the R-Bros + E-Man & Lil' Lucy

If time allows, once a week after work we'll be reading new stories on the stoop for the little ones, E-Man and Lil' Lucy.  Going back to the early years of reading as a big brother with the lil' brothers. 

Our first book was about DJ Kool Herc by Laban Carrick Hill and Theodore Taylor III, When the Beat Was Born, DJ Kool Herc and the Creation of Hip Hop.  Highly recommended for all libraries and family collections around.  Great story.  Had E-Man doing the downrock!

Get your copy at!  click here

This is the story of Hip Hop.

Michael Thomasson

The World's Largest Video Game Collection
El Paso Times: click here

Tú Libro 915

El Paso Program Tú Libro Gives
Books to Children Not Served by Libraries

Story by Ramon Renteria / El Paso Times: click here

I really liked this article and wanted to make sure to share it.  Read it a little while ago.  Full article is linked above to the El Paso Times.  Here is a quote from the article by Georgina Perez aka Libro Lady.  Hopefully this inspires the next person that will find it in them to see themselves as a literary activist.  Great story.

"Perez is the founder and inspiration behind Tú Libro, a grassroots effort to collect and distribute free books to children across El Paso County, especially in impoverished rural areas and colonias where libraries often do not exist. "Anywhere there's a kid, there should be books," Perez said. "You cannot have a healthy lifestyle without nutrition or education." Perez became a literacy activist in recent years when she started working with Chicano author Dagoberto Gilb and other educators urging Texas to include Mexican-American literature and culture in the public school curriculum."

For more information:

Artwork by Stephen Gammell

Artwork by Stephen Gammell
From the Scary Story Series

I use to keep my distance from these books in grade school.  The artwork was all too creepy.  I'd pass by the book every now and then, sometimes picking up a copy to flip through momentarily, and put it down, creeped out by the artwork.  Throughout my middle and high school years I'd forget all about the books til' meeting a few artists in life who made me think back on those Scary Story drawings.  I forgot all about the book's title and author and had a hard time finding it.  A good friend sent the link that has a few of the pictures from the stories archived.  One of my favorite ones revisiting the images is the one up above.  They look like chess pieces.  Creepy chess pieces.

Ended up ordering a copy of the book for old time's sake.


Gary Payton Hall of Fame

Gary Payton Hall of Fame

Taking it back to one of my all time favorite players.  Won't ever forget that series run towards the title in 1996 against the Bulls.  Skipped going to my Abuelita's house on Sunday just to watch em'.  Congratulations to none other than the Glove.