Sunday, January 26, 2014

Andress Eagles

Andress Eagles 2013 (Junior Varsity)

No. 1!

Photograph by Lee*

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

On the Shoulders of Giants

BB.Zoo's latest read. 

Here is a clip from the foreword by the great Quincy Jones.

"In the epigraph that begins this introduction, the brilliant African-American scholar Ron Karenga says, "Our youth can be our fate or our future."  Something is our fate when we blindly stumble into it without having any control.  But the future is something we first envision and then go about creating - if we know what we want and how to get there."

Tao 1

Lee Jun-Fan Tape Tao 1

It's been a while since the last post.  Back on November 27th, 2013, Bruce Lee's b-day on the 40th year since passing, RBroNo.1 aka DJ Lee posted the Lee Jun-Fan Tape.  It's a mixtape that's been in thought for well over seven years.  The mix started with a cha-cha song from Victor Cugat that was discovered at local record store All That Music.  The hold up was on finding the right song to introduce the mix, that had the right sound, and that would connect with audio from Bruce Lee's acting years as a youth and into what I learned was Bruce's love for cha-cha music.  Over the past few years, we revisited most of Bruce's films, checked out interviews, clips off YouTube, soundtracks, documentaries, and were of course inspired by Shannon Lee's work online and all of the documentary, film, book projects, and videos promoted at and through the foundation.

The first set of mixes I put on CD were passed on to my youngest brothers BB.Josh and BB.Zoo.  I also provided a copy to my father who played a big part in putting me on to Bruce Lee through his involvement in the martial arts throughout my childhood and after.  My brothers and father each received a mixtape customized for them with their own Bruce Lee quote... Those quotes are included below:

"Learning is discovery, the discovery of the cause of our ignorance.  However, the best way of learning is not the computation of information.  Learning is discovery, uncovering what is there in us.  When we discover, we are uncovering our own ability, our own eyes, in order to find our potential, to see what is going on, to discover how we can enlarge our lives, to find meaning at our disposal that will let us cope with a difficult situation.  And all this, I maintain, is taking a place in the here and now." -For BB.Josh*

"To develop the creative attitude, analyze, focus on the wanted SOLUTION; seek out and fill your mind with the FACTS; write down IDEAS, both sensible and seemingly wild; let the facts and ideas simmer in your mind; evaluate, recheck, settle on the CREATIVE IDEAS." -For BB.Zoo*

 "The more we understand, the greater and deeper will be our contact with all that is around us." -For Dad aka King Kong*

The mixtape is split in two sides, Yin Side & Yang Side.  There are a total of 40 pieces reflecting the 40th anniversary, something I discovered after the mixtape was tracked and complete

Til' the next tape.