Sunday, August 26, 2018

'Life Around Me' by Isaiah UTEP

Thoughts on 'Life Around Me'
A creative writing assignment

Reading my little brother's creative writing story from his summer course..these lines stood out to me..."Air lingers all over our atmosphere. Each breath one takes is shared with everyone for its quality. The sky is vast and mysterious. Looking up to find how endless the big blue stretches. Clouds form in these skies. These clouds are shapeless and merge in multiple ways."

Love what the opportunity to engage with classes that explore creative expression, voice, and culture have done for my brother's approach to how he thinks about what he's learning and the world around him. Especially in tapping into his imagination and the ability to create something or paint a picture in someone's mind. I'm glad that his experience in higher education has not been solely shaped by the pursuit of work, but allowing him to explore language, ideas, and perspectives that inform the society he's currently living in. Props to the professors that continue to teach in creative ways and open the opportunity for their students to explore their voice in the content. 

Big Brother Lee

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