Thursday, October 22, 2020

Basketball in the Barrio!

Basketball in the Barrio El Paso Giving Day!

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To learn more about Basketball in the Barrio check out the videos posted at the El Paso Giving Day site and this documentary included below!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Lanier Voks

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Read all about it! The Forgotten History of the Mexican-American Team That Ruled Texas HS Basketball in the 1940s by Manuel Solis click here

"Although they faced discrimination on the road from hostile crowds and biased referees, Herrera encouraged his team to rise above the ignorance and let their play do the talking. On multiple occasions the team was refused service at road trip diners based on the color of their skin, once by police who escorted them out of town."

"You got used to it," says Bernal. "People were like 'goddamn Mexicans' or used bad language against us. Nemo was wise enough to tell us, "Don't pay attention to them. They're just trying to get you. You just keep on playing your game and you'll beat them. That's the way to get even with them. Beat them!"

Monday, November 11, 2019 Online 2020

Time flies! It's been a while since our last web update so we're going into 2020 with a new look to the site and a goal for more updates. Check in with us at for the latest with Hoop Dreams, Team Blaze, UTEP Basketball, chess, and the RBros fam!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

'Life Around Me' by Isaiah UTEP

Thoughts on 'Life Around Me'
A creative writing assignment

Reading my little brother's creative writing story from his summer course..these lines stood out to me..."Air lingers all over our atmosphere. Each breath one takes is shared with everyone for its quality. The sky is vast and mysterious. Looking up to find how endless the big blue stretches. Clouds form in these skies. These clouds are shapeless and merge in multiple ways."

Love what the opportunity to engage with classes that explore creative expression, voice, and culture have done for my brother's approach to how he thinks about what he's learning and the world around him. Especially in tapping into his imagination and the ability to create something or paint a picture in someone's mind. I'm glad that his experience in higher education has not been solely shaped by the pursuit of work, but allowing him to explore language, ideas, and perspectives that inform the society he's currently living in. Props to the professors that continue to teach in creative ways and open the opportunity for their students to explore their voice in the content. 

Big Brother Lee

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Hoop Dreams 2018

Hoop Dreams 2018

This year Coach Joshy got the every1plays Hoop Dreams logo updated on the jerseys and e1p gear. The look is strong as we prep for summer activity including camps, city league hoop, and promoting basketball activity for kids in the city! Check out the shots below!

Hoop Dreams!

Sketches from my Father

Sketches from my Father post web Archive May 26, 2015

Sketches from my Father
‘Homesick’ (1984)

Above is a sketch my father did back in 1984.  He spent almost three decades in the Army and was deployed a number of times to Korea during his earliest years… Germany (which we all went together during my first years on earth)… and several tours to the Middle East.  Last year, I started doing family story sessions with my mother and father.  I don’t have the details on this sketch or several others that I saved from his early years in the Army.  For upcoming June, I’ll focus the next family story session around my father’s sketches. This weekend he’s been watching some of the coverage for Memorial Day and took some time to visit base on his bike runs.

I’m sharing this sketch for Memorial Day and for all the families that experience the challenge of deployment, especially for mothers or fathers back home keeping things together while their spouses are called to duty.  Back when my Dad got deployed in the early 90s, I remember thinking selfishly how that meant I could get over on Mom and stay out later to play with friends now that Dad wasn’t around to enforce the curfew.  But I tell you what, that feeling got old quick missing your father’s presence and there was no moment greater than the day we’d learn our Dad would be returning back home safe and sound.

I’ve always loved this sketch and appreciate my Dad’s creativity very much.  Whether it was for all the help he gave us for science projects, or the custom made birthday cards he’d send us from his times deployed, his cooking, the martial arts, his love for basketball and other sports, his love for music… he encompassed a lot of great qualities, which really shined bright through all the success he had in the Army.  There are a lot of lessons I still process til’ this day from my upbringing.

To my mother and father, thank you.

Philadelphia Eagles 2018

Philadelphia Eagles 2018

It’s been a busy year. Time goes by so fast that yes I can believe we’re already almost half way through 2018. Never got around to posting something about how hype we were to celebrate the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LII victory back on February 4, 2018. Yesterday went back and pulled up the recording to revisit the game from the beginning. Look forward to checking it out from time to time. A lot of tweets, retweets and FaceBook posts went up throughout the month…a whole lot of photos especially. From everything we posted one of our favorite photographs is featured above. Can’t remember where it came from but it was our header image for a while at Life long Eagle fans here, just representing for the Birds before its time for the squad to hit the field again.

Go Eagles!