Sunday, November 8, 2015

Every Day I Fight Audio Book #every1reads

Every Day I Fight
Audio Book

Discovered the audio book a few months back at the downtown El Paso Library.  After listening to the library copy I purchased the audio book to share with my family.  

It's the first audio book I've ever purchased.  

The second I've ever listened to in its entirety.  

The narration by Adam Lazarre-White is perfect.  Strong connection to Stuart Scott's voice, his tone... the details... Lazarre-White's voice connects listeners to Scott reinforcing how important this story is to the world.  Somebody had to read Every Day I Fight and I'm glad it was Lazarre-White.  

I was active with sports since pre-school.  Upon entering high school in the 90s, Scott's voice was constant in my life growing up a sports fan watching the evening highlights of my favorite professional teams. What I know about sports casting I reference to Stuart Scott.  Especially when it came to our Hip Hop existence, culture...language... Scott broke barriers in how sports is covered  on the TV screen.  He made room for us to be interested.  It may not have crossed my mind then, but learning what I didn't know from Every Day I Fight, it means a lot now. 

I'm grateful he was able to share Every Day I Fight with us...grateful also to everyone involved in making sure it would be published after Scott passed away. His experiences are teachable moments in a lot of ways.  Through his perspective as a father, a son, a brother, a professional journalist, an athlete, a cancer patient, and an overall student of the game of life.

Scott's story digs into the truth of a lot of experiences we may not talk about often.  Especially if you've ever lost or almost lost someone to a health issue, the trauma hits deep.  Listening, you look back with Scott. You experience the joys of his life... him raising his daughters, the success, the love, pain, tears... the good news, bad news, the laughter, depression, resilience, family support...some points pressed me to tears just listening connecting memories, thinking of the future, and how fast time flies.  Lazarre-White's reading is like a homage to Scott for me. I can't imagine anyone else reading Scott's story.  He captured something straight from the soul so we can remember Stuart Scott with Stuart Scott.

For more info I encourage you connect with Stuart's daughters Taelor & Sydni Scott @TaeAndSyd... Every Day I Fight is available as book and audio book.  Find in the libraries, purchase for your own and share, take time, and listen. Here are a few notes from my listen on Twitter click here #EveryDayIFight #StuartScott #every1reads.

-Lee aka EPmijo