Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Featured Link: edutopia.org

Featured Link: edutopia.org
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The latest featured link is dedicated to the start of everyone’s school year.  Many of you are well into the first full month of school.  For example, e1p coach & mentor, Isaiah, is a month into his second year at community college.  The 1st lady of #every1plays, Lil’ Lucy, has been having a great time this month in her first year of pre-K.  And our lil’ guy E-Man is a month into his 5th grade and final year in elementary school.

To represent for the educational experience in all our lives, every1plays latest featured link is edutopia.org.  They’re a premier site for educators K-12 & and a resource hub for parents, students, members of the community, and anyone engaged in the art of learning.  Edutopia stays current daily on social media and has one of the best Twitter feeds an educator can ask for.

In addition to featuring Edutopia’s website for #e1plinks, we’ve also added an Education links column to our blog site at Me & My Baby Brothers rbros44blogspot.com.  Along with a link to edutopia, visitors will find links to other educational resource sites including podcasts that cover all kinds of teaching and learning topic areas.  You’ll also find links to teacher blogs who take the time to exercise their creativity and share their experiences with the world outside of the classroom.  I highly recommend  people looking to teach someday to bookmark the links and tune into the podcasts sometimes when you’re traveling, exercising, or taking care of things where you live.  A lot to be inspired by in 21st century teaching and learning, especially for tomorrow’s educators and students.

Special thanks to edutopia for inspiring this post!

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Football is back! A new season, some familiar faces, some new faces, and great times ahead with family and friends.  If there's one thing we appreciate most about our favorite football team is watching Dad go off as the Eagles make their way into the end zone.

#PHI since day one!  

Cause of Dad, its what we know.